LiveWire  1982 - 1986

  (left to right)   Steve Hass, Mark Tully, Troye Shanks, Kirk Einhorn

Many members came and went during these 4 years and Kirk even formed a second band called "Streetlife" in which I played bass for a time when Larry Dean was in seminary school. I don't have pictures of everyone that was in the band but I will list them.

original Members include: Troye Shanks, Kirk Einhorn, Larry Dean Gander, Steve Hass, Rich Robertson & Jon Giegerich.


 1989 Live Wire Reunion. Playing my first Gibson at a party with my first band at Herbie's house.  Me, Kirk Einhorn, Rich Robertson, Larry Dean Gander (a skinny Larry Dean) Steve Haas and Jon Giegerich were also there but not pictured

 other members include:  Mike Habada, Jessie Hightower, Scott Bronson, Herb Crabtree, Danny Stluka, Mark Tully, and more as I remember them.

Reunion 2002  l-r  Jon Giegerich, Steve Hass, Larry Dean Gander, Kirk Einhorn, Rich Robertson, Troye Shanks

This reunion was one of the last times we played with Larry Dean Gander before his untimely death. 

You are truly missed my brother


Night Life   1986 -  1993 

Gary Huebing, Julius Geisser, Troye Shanks (1986)

The beards are fake. I painted them in late one night with photo touch-up ink. We did, however, all have facial hair at the time of the photograph. 

Ralani Seefeld pictured in the jacket was not part of the band but just happened to be in the studio at the time this picture was taken. 


  This was the last time we were all together before Julius'  untimely death in August 1993. This picture was taken by John Beth at 3am in his living room. We had just  played the Cashton Fall Fest and went to John's for pizza and story telling. I think we watched the Charlton Heston & Brian Keith movie "Mountain Men"    











Julius & Gary
NYE 1987

 You are missed my brother

Gary & The Gators  1994 - 1995  


Gary Huebing, Don Harms, Troye Shanks


 Gary Huebing, Don Harms, Troye Shanks at the Crystal Corner Bar 1994             - This was the first night of performing the BEER SOLO. 

If you have no idea what that is, You are not a "TailGator"tm

Gary & The Gators cover of "LaGrange"  at Streetfest '96

Gary & the Gators cover of "Mary Jane's Last Dance" at Streetfest '96

Gary & the Gators cover of "Old Time Rock n Roll" at Streetfest '96 

 STREETFEST '96 in Necedah WI. Troye Shanks, guitar - Todd Martin harmonica - Tom Betka, drums - Gary Huebing, bass guitar. 


Gary & The Gators 1997 - 2002

 Todd (Elwood)Martin, Scott Peterson, Gary Huebing, Troye Shanks  - 1999



Troye Shanks Band  2004 -2008


TSB -  Tim Bredemus,  Troye Shanks, Don Harms

 The "Troye Shanks Band" started out as a jam session and ended up being a revolving door of good musicians every weekend, with me being the only common denominator,  that is why it was called "The Troye Shanks Band". 

List of participants in TSB ....... Troye Shanks, Don Harms, Tim Bredemus(pictured)  Ron Vogel, Steve Ostrowsky, Dave Liddicoat, Frank Adamo, Jim Dimattia, Paul Kennedy, Dave Katchel, Bill Lund, John Phillips, Pete Mickelson, and more if I can remember. I have a problem with that from time to time .


Jessi Lynn Band   2005 - 2007


 The Jessi Lynn Band - Rockford Motor Speedway - July 4, 2007

Paul Kennedy, Troye Shanks, Jim DiMattia, Ron Vogel

Jessi Lynn, Troye Shanks, Paul Kennedy - Taste of Madison Q106 Stage


Trailer Kings     2008 - present

Ron Vogel, Tim Bredemus, Troye Shanks, Jeffrey Powers

Jeffrey Powers, Tim Bredemus, Troye Shanks, Dave Martin