On the dock at Ak'Bol Retreat, Ambergris Caye, Belize  3/5/2013

Learning a few new songs while relaxing at our cabana in North San Pedro, Belize


 My Sell Out ........

 This is a commercial that I appear in  for the Wisconsin Dells Visitors Bureau.  It was filmed at the "Baja Cantina" at 9am on a Wednesday.  Don't blink or you will miss me at the :48 second mark. I am onstage at the Baja playing "Pour Me a Vacation" by The Great Divide. Of course you cannot hear me because of the 70's porn star background music but I did get my 3 seconds of fame. Besides I am sure this commercial is still playing on the local Dells station 24-7 all year long. Next time you are staying somewhere in the Dells look for me on the TV in your room.   There are also a couple of great shots of Josh & Chris from "Piano Fondue" towards the end of the video. One more quick note ...... I also got to finish the drinks that were made to set up the tables for the 9am shoot.  Fun

BobFest 2012

BobFest is held every year on Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend and is the celebration of the music of Bob Dylan on his birthday weekend. It is a wonderful social event that is embraced by the entire community.  Video taken by my wife Juli Aulik