Live from Circle Ranch Studio

 On the dock at Ak'Bol Retreat, Ambergris Caye, Belize  3/5/2013

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My Sell Out ........

 This is a commercial that I appear in  for the Wisconsin Dells Visitors Bureau.  It was filmed at the "Baja Cantina" at 9am on a Wednesday.  Don't blink or you will miss me at the :4 second mark. I am onstage at the Baja playing "Pour Me a Vacation" by The Great Divide. Of course you cannot hear me because of the 70's porn star background music but I did get my 3 seconds of fame. Besides I am sure this commercial is still playing on the local Dells station 24-7 all year long. Next time you are staying somewhere in the Dells look for me on the TV in your room.   There are also a couple of great shots of Josh & Chris from "Piano Fondue" towards the end of the video. One more quick note ...... I also got to finish the drinks that were made to set up the tables for the 9am shoot.  Fun